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About Me



Looking back one is never sure the exact influence of events, one portends towards lavish and exciting as it seems so much cooler than drab and boring (which it was not!).

My first solo foray into woodworking occurred when I was 12-years old: draw, design, plan, and purchase material to build a red cedar arbor for my parents front yard. Over the years I grew on this process, developing various landscaping plans and additions for the house — none of which ever got built (of course).


I believe that with out risk — without taking chances — its difficult to further your knowledge and see what you are capable of. With every project I look critically at my work and point out what I would do differently. Sometimes I learn a better way to complete a task after I’m already done. What I view as a key factor is that each project provide standards as a basis for the next project. I am a strong believer in quality work and the taking of time to get things right. It is my goal to complete each project to the best of my ability.


BERLIN, FEB. 2020 - helping my brother Zach (right) out at the end of my week with his private pop-up dinner event — before being kicked out of the kitchen to sit and enjoy the meal.

One World, Multiple Views

The world is a big place - not an earth shattering statement, but it is true. In an age where travel is much more obtainable than generations past, taking opportunity to see other cultures and parts of the world is a grounding experience. Seeing how peoples live - how much is the same - and what is different.  Language may be an immediate barrier, but body language and expression are universal. Also universal: the desire to live, better oneself, and provide for ones family.


Design of space can unite or separate, wall off or open up, connect to our surroundings or bring us to a place where we are not. Architecture informs us and provides a setting for people to engage with others or relate to themselves. Further, abstraction from what our minds perceive as the ‘norm’ can push us to expand our thoughts and move beyond.

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